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Floating Shade

My crazy and wonderful husband got an idea in his mind first thing yesterday morning that he was going to construct the perfect pool shade for our baby girl.  He had the perfect idea in his head and knew exactly how he was going to construct it.  We love having our baby in the pool but worry that she may get too much sun.  As soon as our friends arrived, Jason kidnapped one of them and headed out on their quest.  They went to three different major stores and called three other stores trying to find floating pool noodles.  This was a key component to his design and he was not going to rest until he found his floating pool noodles. 

We live in So. Cali.  There are floating pool noodles everywhere this time of year, or so they thought!  Eventually the two wizards of creations decided to go to the neighborhood pool store that is two blocks away.  Success!  They found matching blue pool noodles.  Together with some PVC pipe, some connectors, a tarp, zip ties and voila!  The Made In The Shade pool shade was invented!  I though it was pretty cool and inventive of my crazy husband. 

P9060644And if that weren’t exciting enough, today my crazy husband decided he would break out the motorized raft he recently bought.  You can steer this thing all around the pool.   Jason is the “Guy whose got all the toys that everyone wants to try out but won’t buy Guy”.  

Our elevent month old loved the motorized raft.  She’s a lucky little girl.  She has a crazy dad who loves to have all of the coolest toys, plays with them for a while and then sells them off.  When the personal flying jet back packs are invented, Jason will definitely be the first one in our circle of friends to have one.

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